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Unlock Democracy: British Citizens and the European Union

British citizens' knowledge of the policies and institutions of the European Union is notoriously shaky. Not only does this prevent us from having a meaningful national debate on Europe, it also restricts politicians' ability to make policy based on a genuine engagement with public opinion.

This report is intended to begin a serious debate about Britain's future relationship with Europe. Emily Robinson tracks the developing views of British citizens as they participate in deliberative panels. Her findings provide an important insight into informed public opinion on the current and future governance of the EU.

British Citizens and the European Union (pdf) is available to download from the Unlock Democracy website.

CALLING NOTICE: Emily Robinson will be speaking at a meeting in Portcullis House on Monday 28th January 2008 about this pamphlet. Other speakers: Theresa May MP, Richard Corbitt MEP and John Palmer (former European editor at the Guardian). This meeting will also be the launch of Unlock Democracy's new guide to the Reform Treaty (yet to be published). Email bethan.rigby@unlockdemocracy.org.uk to confirm your attendence.


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