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The value of UK universities

This animation showcases the many ways in which universities contribute to the UK economy, society, and to people’s everyday lives. By developing highly skilled graduates, helping businesses innovate and carrying out life-changing research, universities provide the building blocks for a successful society. The animation is narrated by broadcaster Gabby Logan.

Video Script 

Universities are the jewels in the United Kingdom’s crown. Developing highly skilled graduates, helping businesses innovate and carrying out life-changing research, they provide the building blocks for a successful society.

Universities contribute £73 billion a year to the UK economy and generate jobs for three quarters of a million people. 

They equip the next generation of doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, designers and programmers with the skills and knowledge the country needs.

Universities are the nation’s problem solvers, conducting research that shapes our world and improves our lives. UK academic research is recognised as being the most productive and cost effective in the world, with more than three-quarters rated “world leading” or “internationally excellent”.

Universities are innovators, working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from major international corporations to local entrepreneurs. University spin-off companies create or support around 10,000 jobs a year.

Wherever they are in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, universities attract investment and encourage collaboration. They provide the foundations for the growth of regional economic powerhouses.

Universities work hard to ensure that every pound of investment they receive is a pound well spent. They have made more than £1 billion of efficiencies in the last three years alone.

A university education expands horizons and brings benefits to individuals that last a lifetime. Students are increasingly satisfied, and university graduates are in demand by employers more than ever before.

Universities provide opportunities for people to get on in life whatever their background. Today, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in England are 60% more likely to go to university than they were in 2006.

Every day, universities are improving lives, helping the economy grow, and changing the world. They are the jewels in our crown, and provide the building blocks for a successful future.

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