Towards a new union

April 2008 update - Unite Executive Council results
The results of the ballot for the first Unite Executive Council have now been finalised. Find out the full details about who has been elected as your new Executive Council representative and see the complete list of council members for both sections of Unite.

There are 80 members on the first Unite Executive Council and each section (T&G and amicus) has 40 representatives. In accordance with the general rules of Unite the union the first Executive Council will hold office from May 2008 to May 2011. See all the results of the first Unite Executive Council election.

February 2008 update - Creating our new union
See the latest update on creating Britain's biggest union, Unite. Read the latest news from the joint general secretaries and find our more on the consultation on industrial structures, the new Unite regions and more. Read all the details on the February 2008 update: Creating our new union.

November 2007 update - Unite First Executive Council elections
The merger agreement between the T&G and amicus requires that a new Unite executive council is elected within the first year of the merger, namely before May 2008, to serve for a three year term of office. Read all the details on the Unite Executive Council elections.

September 2007 update - March with a message for Labour
Unite held its first major rally taking a message from all working people to the Labour party on 23rd September 2007. Speakers included joint general secretaries Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson and thousands joined the march to make Labour listen. Unite is demanding:

  • an end to off-shoring - quality, secure jobs for all
  • to ensure equal rights for agency workers - and trade union freedom for all
  • to close the yawning wealth gap
  • to deliver fair pay to public sector workers and quality, publicly provided health and education for all
  • to free councils to build decent housing for all

With its 2 million strong membership, Unite is the union for the 21st century.

May 2007 update: Unite - the union launched
Britain's biggest trade union was launched on the 1st May 2007 with a "join us to stop exploitation" message to young workers - and the announcement of a major new recognition agreement.

Unite - the union is the two million-strong combination of amicus and the Transport and General Workers' Union. The joint general secretaries of Unite, Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, today pledged that the new union will pour resources into organising non-union members across Britain and Ireland, particularly in sectors with younger workers, and will seek mergers abroad to build a truly global trade union. Read the full release: Workers urged to 'Unite' as UK's biggest union is launched.

April 2007 update: Countdown to the new union 1st May 2007
Your union is changing

The T&G and amicus have voted to merge into a new united union. The merger begins on May 1st - International Workers' Day.

The new union will be:

- 2 million strong
- Have an annual income of £150 million
- Represent workers across multiple areas including road transport, finance, manufacturing, print, aviation, food and farming, public services and many others
- Invest £7.5 million on organising, rising to around £15 million (10% membership income), the biggest investment of any union in the UK and Ireland
- Represent workers across Britain and Ireland with 10 regions including 7 in England based on Regional Development Authority boundaries, and Scotland, Ireland and Wales
- Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley will serve as joint general secretaries until Derek Simpson retires in December 2010. An election for general secretary of the new union will be held in September 2010.

New union update: March 2007
It's YES to the new union

T&G and amicus members have given a big yes in a vote to merge to create Britain and Ireland's newest and biggest trade union with around two million members. More than 200,000 T&G members voted in the ballot with a massive 173, 258 voting yes (86.4 per cent), and 27,188 voting no (13.6 per cent). Speaking after the announcement T&G general secretary Tony Woodley said: "The new union will be a progressive, organising, fighting back industrial giant focused above all on winning for our members in the workplace and taking trade unionism to the millions who need it." Find out more - read the full press release: T&G and amicus members back new union. This link will take you to the full Scrutineers Report. The report is being sent to all branches and will be published in the next edition of the union's journal. The union will, on request, supply any member with a copy of the full report free of charge.

New union update: February 2007
The all member ballot on the formation of a new union closes on March 7th, read Tony Woodley's message to all members on the creation of a new union including the ten good reasons why you should vote yes!

New union update: January 2007
Historic vote passed to create UK's largest union - all member ballot to follow

Delegates to the special T&G conference in Birmingham in December 2006 have voted to create a new trade union by a merger with amicus, which will form the UK's largest union with around two million members.

The next stage is an all member ballot on the Instrument of Amalgamation between the T&G and amicus. The ballot period will commence on 7th February 2007 and all ballot papers must be returned no later than 7th March 2007.

Click here to read the press release

New union update: 8th December 2006
A guide for T&G members on the new union has been added to the site and can also be downloaded in pdf format from the Admin & Services group on the T&G extranet.

New union update: 22 November 2006
The T&G General Executive Council has unanimously backed plans to create a new union based on a merger with amicus. Read the press release: T&G Executive backs plans for new union.

New union update: 13 October 2006
Further progress has been made towards the T&G meeting its historic objective of creating a new union fit for purpose in the 21st century through a merger with amicus. Discussions with our sister union through a Joint Working Party have progressed to the stage where general rules to govern the new union can be put before both the T&G and amicus for further consideration and democratic approval.

The General Executive Council agreed in June that these rules, when prepared, should be distributed as widely as possible within the T&G for debate and consideration. Find out more about the next steps in the move towards a new union or send us your comments.