The T&G is Britain's campaigning union - we campaign on behalf of our members to promote social justice and progressive change in the workplace. In this section you will find out about all of the campaigns the T&G runs on behalf of its members.

You can find a full list of all the T&G's current campaigns.

End private equity secrecy
The UK's largest trade union has welcomed the government's plans for talks on greater protection and consultation rights for workers in companies taken over by private equity. Read the full press release: Unite welcomes government pledge on private equity
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Fair pay today campaign
Local government workers are demanding a proper pay settlement. The cost of living is up and take home pay down. Unions in local government have submitted a pay claim for 6% or 50p and hour on basic pay - whichever is the highest. Click here for more information.

Manufacturing Matters campaign
Manufacturing is the backbone of the British economy but it is under real pressure. With one million jobs lost in the last 10 years Unite has continued to argue for a strong government response and for ministers to show a lead rather than adopt a 'let market forces decide' approach. Click here for more information.

Remploy campaign
Fighting back to keep Remploy factories open.
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Children on farms
Farms aren't playgrounds or workplaces for children. The T&G is campaigning for government action to protect the under-16s on our farms.
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Equal rights for agency workers
The T&G and other unions are campaigning to end the abuse of agency workers. Get involved in the campaign to demand equal rights for agency workers.
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Workers' Memorial Day
Workers' Memorial Day is on 28th April every year. Find out further details and more about events across the country.
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Speak up for public services campaign
All about the T&G/TUC campaign to defend public services and keep the public sector public.
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Local government pension scheme campaign
Find out about how the T&G is fighting for pensions justice for workers in the local government pension scheme.
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Justice for Cleaners
London's cleaners are fed up with employers who do the dirty on them. They are fed up with fat cat profits for the bosses while cleaners struggle to make ends meet on poverty pay. It is time for justice for people who keep these buildings running, the cleaners toiling for a pittance to make these places fit to work in. It is time to clean up the City.
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Pay up! campaign
Despite having equal pay legislation for over 30 years, there is still a gender pay gap between men and women workers. In the course of her lifetime, a low-paid woman worker with two children could receive a quarter of a million pounds less in income than a comparable male worker.
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NHS Together campaign
NHS Together is a campaign alliance of health staff formed to raise the alarm at what is happening to the NHS and to press the government for honest and open discussion about its reform agenda.
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Charter for safe working practices at Gatwick
All about the T&G's campaign for safer working practices at Gatwick airport.
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Valuing the Voluntary Sector campaign
Quality conditions for quality services

T&G ACTS is the largest voluntary sector & social economy union in the United Kingdom. With long experience and a wide level organisation throughout the sector, the T&G understands its distinctive nature and is working to find solutions to key issues including funding and development pressures.

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Corporate killing
Four years in the making and still only in draft form but at long last the corporate manslaughter bill is out. The publication is a victory for the T&G which - with construction union UCATT - has been leading the campaign for new laws on corporate manslaughter and directors' responsibilities.

General secretary Tony Woodley called the proposals "a significant step towards safer workplaces."

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Greening the workplace

Greening the Workplace aims to encourage trade unions to tackle the growing challenge of climate change. It is part of a joint trade union work programme aimed at strengthening workplace engagement in sustainable development. The project has been developed by the trade union members of TUSDAC (Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee), a joint TUC/DEFRA body.

TUSDAC's aims are to:

  • strengthen union activities in developing sustainable workplaces, through engagement with union members, employers and the wider community
  • assist trade unions to promote sustainable development policies and practices
  • help ensure that working people are properly able to adjust to the changes that sustainable development will bring
  • strengthen policy engagement between unions and government
  • develop support for international efforts to tackle climate change

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100% membership campaign
The T&G is Britain and Ireland's finest union, with the best shop stewards, officers and staff. We pride ourselves on a strong, awkward and independent culture, which always put members first. But we face a major problem: employers are too strong, and union workplace organisation is not strong enough. In too many T&G organised workplaces, T&G officers spend too much time acting as convenor because workplace organisation is not strong enough to sort out the bulk of its own problems. The 100% Membership campaign will change that.

We will refocus all our time, effort and resources on rebuilding T&G workplace organisation. The aim is to organise around the big industrial issues that confront our members at the sharp end, strengthening our workplace organisation to win a better deal, and growing the union. A union that wins in the workplace is a union that will grow.

All T&G regional industrial organisers are being trained in what is called the Organising Model with the aim of more wins in the workplace, more members and more shop stewards, with the officer having to spend less time servicing the members.
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Pensions are under threat.

All sectors are campaigning to protect final salary schemes which are being attacked by employers in many industries. Indeed, the TUC has described the current threat to pensions as the first serious attempt to cut wages and conditions since World War 2.

Occupational pensions
The Government has bowed to union pressure and announced plans to implement retrospective compensation for those who have lost all or part of their occupational pensions, but the T&G now wants to work with the Government and those who will operate the Pensions Protection Fund to ensure it delivers in practice what its affected members really deserve.

And the fight for decent pension provision for everyone is not yet over. Many other issues still remain to be resolved.

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