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Unite: Tour de Fox: BAE workers cycle to Manchester to urge Liam Fox to support their jobs

Workers from BAe Systems in Brough, facing redundancy are cycling 110 miles to the Tory party conference to urge Defence Secretary Liam Fox to support the 3000 highly skilled workers whose jobs are at risk.

The workers will arrive at Saint Peter Square, Manchester between 9.00am and 9.30am tomorrow (5 October) and will be greeted a delegation of Bae Systems workers who are pressing for an emergency meeting with Liam Fox to discuss ways to retain the workers' advanced manufacturing skills.

Last week, the advanced manufacturer, BAe Systems announced 3000 jobs cuts across the country.

Unite is calling on the MoD to intervene by

abandoning its buy off the shelf policy which means UK tax payers money will be spent on American equipment instead of supporting UK jobs.

Pressing ahead with radar developments which would make the Typhoon jet more exportable.

Signing off the contract for unmanned aerial vehicles and placing it with the UK defence industry, including BAE Systems.

Unite, national officer Ian Waddell said:

"BAe workers' are at the pinnacle of their profession. They will be here in Manchester today (5 Oct) to urge Liam Fox to support their skills and jobs.

"The government cannot sit on its hands and allow these highly skilled jobs to disappear. The UK's defence industry risks losing the critical mass it needs to maintain its reputation as a world leader in defence manufacturing. "


BAe workers will be available to interview at Saint Peter's Square. For more information contact: Karen Viquerat on 07768 931 316 or Ciaran Naidoo on 07768 931 315 

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