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Unite's reaction to RBS' results

Unite's joint general secretary, Derek Simpson said:

"These historic and humiliating losses bring into sharp focus just how reckless RBS's former management team have behaved.

"The whole country is paying the price through job cuts and repossessions on a massive scale. It's time to take control and fully nationalise this bank.

"You can not have a state bail out on the one hand while allowing the spectre of thousands of jobs losses to loom over staff on the other.

"The government has set a precedent for intervention in the day to day running of RBS. They must now intervene to protect the workers in call centres, branches and back offices who are the victims of the credit crunch, not the culprits. The staff at this bank should not have to pay with their jobs. Unite will vigorously oppose any compulsory redundancies at the bank.

"We are extremely frustrated by the lack of clarity over the company's restructuring proposals with no firm detail on jobs. The uncertainty hanging over the heads of these workers is unacceptable. Unite has stated that it is prepared to work with the new management and the government to bring about orderly reorganisation as long as guarantees are received and implemented about job security."


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