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Unite: Jack Dromey reaction to Walker report on private equity

Jack Dromey, Unite deputy general secretary, said the Walker Report was a diversion as it walked away from the key issues in the private equity debate.

"It didn't take Mystic Meg to predict that Sir David would offer the merest spat on transparency and fail absolutely to address the real concerns of workers faced by private equity takeovers," he said.

Mr. Dromey pointed to recent comments from private equiteer Jon Moulton, who said on 10th November, "The most likely outcome is some voluntary code for larger companies to write something in their annual accounts that will be read by no one anyway.", to illustrate Walker's failure.

"Walker has predictably proved to be a diversion from the real issues of tax, transparency and the protection of workers' rights" he said. "City self-regulation will never work. Legislation is now essential to lift the shroud of secrecy and to protect workers faced by private equity takeovers."


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