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Unite: Gordon Brown has Unite's full support

Responding to an interview appearing in today's (11th September 2009) Daily Mirror, Derek Simpson, Unite's joint general secretary wishes to clarify that Gordon Brown has his full support and that Mr Brown is the only choice for leading the party to the next election.

Unite's position is that winning the election does depend on the government and the PM ditching the 'New Labour' ethos and embracing a progressive agenda for jobs, public services, housing and pensions. Mr Simpson does warn that failure to draw clear dividing lines between Labour and the Conservatives could spell disaster at the next general election.

So far Gordon Brown has chartered a steady course through the recession, but it is now time to be robust and radical to stop a Tory government which would dash any hopes of a recovery and wreck Britain's economy.

The Tories opposed intervention to prop up the banking system, rejected support for home owners, jobs and consumer spending during this recession. Their scaremongering over the UK public finances threatens to shatter any fragile recovery.

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