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Unite: George Osborne leaves Britain on the starting blocks

The latest GDP figures out today (25 July) show that Britain is still in recession with Gross Domestic Product shrinking by 0.7% between April and June.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said:

"George Osborne has left Britain on the starting blocks. We are a country of winners but we are being led by a bunch of economic losers. The only record this chancellor holds is the shameful one of presiding over the longest double dip recession since records began.

"Our economy is shrinking. The deficit is actually getting worse and we are being told there is no end in sight to the government's austerity programme. It is clear that the government's economic policies are a total failure.

"With almost 90 per cent of the cuts still to come the UK government seems hell bent on kicking the stuffing out of Britain while doing nothing to sort out the mess left by casino capitalism.

"The next generation are becoming the lost generation while many working people spiral into debt and despair. Britain needs hope. We need a government with some Olympic spirit, that can show some leadership and geneuinely do what is best for this country."


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