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SOE: 'Green' road transport conference highlights fuel savings

Fuel efficiency was the theme for a recent conference hosted by the IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) and BTAC (British Transport Advisory Consortium).

Manufacturers joined fleet engineers at the event, held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, which aimed to help operators and engineers understand the benefits of testing vehicles under a variety of controlled conditions.

IRTE Board Member John Eastman said: "The current climate is dictating the frugal use of fossil fuels and the need to look at alternatives. There is a raft of features and measures that have been introduced to help reduce fuel costs and emissions; however IRTE and BTAC are working together on fuel trials to create a true benchmark so fleets can increase fuel-efficiency - which is good for the environment and profitability."

The conference offered expert guidance for fleet directors and acts as a forerunner to fuel-saving trials IRTE intend to introduce next year.

John Eastman said: "IRTE not only caters to the professional development of its membership, but is committed to benefitting the entire road transport industry. The conference was a success in sharing expertise and I look forward to IRTE working further with engineers, operators and academics to develop trials that will benefit our industry greatly."

IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers)

The IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers), one of the most respected names in UK transport, has been recognised as an impartial voice of the industry since 1947.

A Professional Sector of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), IRTE publishes an industry-leading technical journal, Transport Engineer, every month.

Transport Engineer is renowned for its incisive coverage of key issues, authoritative reporting, news analysis and informed comment.

IRTE also hosts regular technical seminars, forums and works alongside the DfT to promote efficiency and best practice. Recent events include trips and falls from vehicles, truck operation, fuel efficiency and the Road Safety Act.

IRTE's technical committee also produces regular industry guidance on key topics.

Recent publications include: A Best Practice Guide towards Tachograph Systems Compliance, Roadworthiness: Industry Best Practice, Coupling or Uncoupling & Parking of Large Goods Vehicle Trailers and Tail Lift - Specification Guide for Road Vehicles.

IRTE members come from a wide variety of transport-related roles. These include workshop managers, fleet engineers, transport managers, company directors, apprentices and technicians in the light and heavy goods vehicle and bus and coach sectors.

SOE (Society of Operations Engineers)

SOE is a professional membership organisation that successfully represents some 17,000 individuals and companies in engineering. It supports and encourages members throughout their careers and is committed to their ongoing growth and personal development.

Through a network of trustees, industry partners and members SOE promotes best practice in operational and health & safety initiatives. SOE offers members continuous professional development and support throughout their careers, providing definitive recognition for both achievement and status. The organisation is a Licensed Member of ECUK and can nominate members for ECUK registration at EngTech, IEng and CEng levels.

SOE represents the Professional Sectors IRTE, IPlantE and BES and runs the irtec Licensing Scheme.

Further details are available from the SOE website at www.soe.org.uk.

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