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RCP President responds to Alcohol Concern's 'Future Proof' figures on future alcohol-related mortality

In response to the publication of Alcohol Concern's 'Future Proof' report which charts future rates of alcohol-related mortality (timed to coincide with the launch of Alcohol Awareness Week 2009), Professor Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK said:

"Over the next decade alcohol misuse is set to kill more people than the population of a city the size of Bath. Much of this tragic loss of life, often in young and otherwise productive people, could be prevented if our policy-makers followed the evidence for what works. Confronting the culture of low prices and saturation advertising, along with, investment in accessible, effective treatments for harmful and dependent drinkers could make a big impact on what is becoming a public health emergency."


Further details of the research can be obtained from the Alcohol Concern Press Office on 0207 264 0514 or through their 24 Hour Mobile: 07588117849.
To arrange pre-recorded telephone interviews with Prof Gilmore in the case of broadcast media, please contact Zoe Horwich, Communications Officer at the RCP on 0203 075 1354 or through 07896 416 409.

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