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The Superintendents' Association welcomes the CBI report

'The Superintendents' Association welcomes the CBI report 'A Frontline Force: Proposals for More Effective Policing' as a useful contribution to the debate about the future of policing. The report acknowledges the reduction of crime achieved by forces over the last 10 years and the successful collaboration and value for money initiatives introduced across the Service and with partners in local government, the wider criminal justice system and the private sector.

'However, the report focuses primarily on crime with only passing reference to other significant parts of the policing business, for example, critical incidents, policing the roads, safeguarding communities and maintaining the peace.

'It is half a century since the last fundamental review of policing. It has stood the test of time. However, while the core functions of the police remain valid today as they did in 1829, the CBI report highlights the increasing demands and public expectation at a time of reducing public finances. The PSAEW has argued for some time that there should be a fundamental independent review of policing that examines the structures, financing, accountability and delivery of policing at the national, regional, force and community level. This report and its recommendations serve to emphasise the necessity and urgency of such a review.'

Derek Barnett, Chief Superintendent
Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales

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