The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has a long and dedicated history of campaigning for the advancement of education, for all our children. This site highlights some of our campaigns for:

The National Union of Teachers (NUT). a system of assessment that informs teaching and supports learning;
. high quality early years education
. funded provision for teachers' professional development; and
. smaller class sizes

Our partnerships with other organisations equally dedicated to achieving progress on particular issues, brings strength and focus to our campaigns. The Union is proud, therefore, of its work with the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) on the "End SATs - Assessment Reform" campaign aimed at ending in primary schools the high stakes testing regimes that distort the curriculum and damage our children's education. Our historic partnership agreement with the University and College Union (UCU) will maximise the voice of teachers and lecturers on all education matters for children, young people and adults.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT)The NUT is the largest teachers' organisation in Europe. The Union organises teachers across England and Wales and as an independent organisation, not affiliated to any political party, seeks to influence through its liaison with parliamentarians across all parties. The NUT's contribution to the advancement of education is consistent, persistent and successful. The campaigns and projects featured in this site demonstrate this commitment. We ask for your support.

As well as further information on the issues featured here, the Union's website www.teachers.org.uk contains full details of all our campaigns, policies and services.

With best wishes

Christine Blower
General Secretary

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