Pets are good for us – be good to them

Did you know that pets save the NHS at least £1.6bn every year?

stroking a pet or watching fish in an aquarium can reduce blood pressure and lower anxiets pets help combat loneliness and increase social interactions children living with a cat or dog have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies linked to asthma pet owners are healthier, e.g. in Germany they visit the doctor 15% less often.

NOAH’s Pet Health Information (PHI) website gives easy access, immediate, independent advice to encourage responsible pet ownership and ensure pets’ welfare needs are met. It was written by veterinary experts and carries no advertisements and makes no mention of product brands.

It gives sound advice but also promotes the value of expert advice – it encourages owners to go and talk to an expert such as their veterinary surgeon or a pet care specialist.

NOAH raises awareness of the site through its ‘I Heart my Pet’ campaign – focussing this year on a Happy Healthy Pets gallery of pet photographs to encourage pet owner engagement.

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NOAH (along with PFMA) is a trustee of the charity National Pet Month.