NEA’s research team has over 30 years’ combined experience of working on and researching fuel poverty, domestic energy issues and the impact of associated policy and practice interventions. As part of the Policy and Research Directorate, the team supports NEA as the expert voice on behalf of the fuel poor through the provision of evidence and insights to help the charity achieve its vision of no-one living in fuel poverty. 

The research team aims to develop and further understanding of the changing patterns, causes and consequences of fuel poverty through its broad and varied work programme, uncovering the circumstances and processes which lead households to be exposed to either cold and damp homes, or the achievement of a warm and dry home at the expense of other resources necessary for health and well-being. As well as leading on and participating in a range of research and evaluation projects, the team also contributes to the development of effective policy and practice through the interpretation, synthesis and dissemination of research findings, and acts as a knowledge broker between policy and practice stakeholders, researchers and the academic sector (in the UK and Europe) to strengthen links and collaboration.