Frequently Asked Questions

The NCC is the trade association for the UK caravan industry, encompassing touring caravans, motorhomes, caravan holiday homes and park homes.

The term caravan covers more than just the towed type and, as defined in law, all caravans must be capable of being moved. Caravans fall into two distinct areas of use:

Leisure and recreational vehicles:

• touring caravan – i.e. one towed behind a vehicle
• motorhome – i.e. motor caravan that is driven
• caravan holiday homes – sited on land with permission to operate as a holiday park near the seaside or in the countryside. Often called ‘statics’.


• park homes – homes for permanent, sole, residential occupancy sited on land with permission to operate as a residential park 

What contribution does the industry make to our economy?

The touring caravan, motorhome and caravan holiday home industry contributes more than £6 billion per annum to the UK economy (new/used retail sales, plus holiday and related spend).

How many people does the industry employ?

The touring caravan, motorhome and caravan holiday home employs around 130,000 people, including part time and seasonal staff.

What is the current market size and how is it broken down?

In Britain, currently in use there are approximately:

• 550,000 touring caravans
• more than 205,000 motorhomes
• more than 300,000 caravan holiday homes

This means that there are more than one million leisure accommodation vehicles in use in the UK. Based on average numbers of people who use a caravan, well over two million people take a caravan holiday each year.

In addition, there are approximately 100,000 park homes in use across the UK.

Which percentage of touring caravans are made in the UK?

Caravanning remains a British manufacturing success story: over 95% of touring and holiday caravans in the UK are made here and approximately 60% in the case of motorhomes. In addition, 100% of residential park homes are made in UK.

How often do people use their caravans and motorhomes every year?

• Over £1.8 billion was spent on caravan holidays across Great Britain in 2013
• More than 51 million nights are spent in caravans each year
• Year round caravan use is now possible, due to advances in technology and the way modern caravans are constructed, people can even take holidays of this nature in the winter months

Number of caravans / motorhomes sold/registered in the last 12 months

• touring caravans - approximately 21,500 new units sold
• motorhomes – 8,750 new units registered
• caravan holiday homes - 16,100 dispatched to parks
• residential park homes – 1,350 dispatched to parks

How it’s grown – what have been the key factors to its growth?

Over the last ten years the tourer and caravan holiday home market – looking at new sales sector - have remained pretty constant, despite the economic downturn in recent years.

However, figures released this month reveal that sales of new touring caravans and motorhome registrations increased significantly in 2014, illustrating that more buyers are entering the leisure vehicle market.

• New motorhome registrations increased by 18% year-on-year
• Sales of new touring caravans increased by nearly 10% (9.2%) year-on-year