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NARPO: Police Resilience

The National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) is concerned at recent news of the potential cut backs in police and police staff numbers in Greater Manchester Police. NARPO believes that this should act as a warning to every community in England and Wales.

Chief Constables across the country will be left with little alternative under the Governments plans for fiscal restraint other than to follow Greater Manchester Police in slashing police officer and police staff numbers. This is in our experience bound to affect front line services to the detriment of public safety.

Eric Evans the President of NARPO said 'We agree entirely with our colleagues in the Police Federation that the Police Service cannot avoid its share of cuts to public spending. We believe there is potential for saving in some back office and management roles for example. However the Greater Manchester Police proposals illustrate that the scale of cutbacks required is bound to affect the service forces provide to the Community. Neither the Private Sector nor the Big Society is likely to fill the void left by these cuts, which amounts to a criminals charter for the future.'


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