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NASUWT Scotland conference

The NASUWT, the fastest growing teachers’ union in Scotland and the largest in the UK, will hold its Annual Conference on Thursday 10 May and Friday 11 May.

Delegates from across Scotland will debate motions on a wide range of issues affecting the teaching profession and education, including reforms to teachers’ pay and conditions, the qualifications system, class sizes, pensions, pay rates for supply teachers and work-related stress.

On Thursday the Conference, held at the NASUWT Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh, will be addressed by NASUWT President Paula Roe.

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, said:

“NASUWT members are gathering at a time of great challenge for the education service in Scotland.

“Teachers' pay and conditions, once considered the gold standard by the rest of the UK, are being viciously attacked.

“The savage and unnecessary austerity programme inflicted by the Westminster Coalition Government is taking its toll on education and other public services in Scotland.

“ Excessive workload, declining pay levels, increasing job insecurity and low morale is a dangerous cocktail and it is no surprise that many of the motions to be debated at the NASUWT Conference reflect the anger and concern of teachers in Scotland.

"Teachers recognise that their pay and conditions of service are inextricably linked to the quality of educational provision for children and young people. Their work to continue to raise standards in schools is being placed in jeopardy by the failure to recognise that teachers need working conditions that enable them to work effectively. They need pay levels which recognise and reward them as highly skilled professionals.

“NASUWT members at the Conference will be united in their determination to continue the fight for the retention of a high-quality education service.”

Jane Peckham, NASUWT Scotland Organiser, said:

“Teachers in Scotland are worried for the future of their profession and worried about the impact of these cuts on the education of the students they teach.

“The pressure on teachers is relentless. While their pay and conditions are being attacked they are expected to deliver curriculum and qualification reform.

“This Conference is an opportunity for NASUWT members to demonstrate the strength of feeling and send out a message to the Scottish and Westminster Governments that they must rethink their plans. 

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