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NASUWT: Relentlessly elitist approach to education condemns schools to 'Live or Die'

Commenting on the publication of the secondary school achievement and attainment tables by the Department of Education (DfE) today, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers' union, said:

"Publishing league tables is a meaningless exercise and it is time to abolish this unnecessary, divisive and demoralising ritual.

"The performance of schools cannot be evaluated by the crude blunt instrument of league tables.

"Dedicated teachers and hardworking pupils once again are seeing their efforts trashed.

"The Coalition Government is pursuing a relentlessly elitist approach to education, condemning schools to live or die by the narrow range of subjects identified in the English Baccalaureate.

"This narrow focus on a core range of academic subjects fails to acknowledge the different learning requirements of pupils.

"The rigid and inflexible judgements published today are of no value to parents or teachers and signal a bleak future for young people."


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