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NASUWT comments on the UK Independence Party manifesto

Commenting on the proposals for education in the UK Independence Party (UKIP) manifesto, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers' union, said:

"UKIP's proposal to allow all schools to select their pupils would result in inequality, social division and unfairness for many.

"UKIP's manifesto proposal to introduce School Vouchers is nothing more than a tax break for the rich to subsidise the cost of sending their children to private schools.

"UKIP's assertion that "state education simply isn't working" is completely at odds with all of the evidence. Education standards in this country have never been higher and are rising year on year. The manifesto is an affront to the hard work and dedication of teachers and pupils in Britain's state school system, which is one of the highest performing education systems in the developed world.

"UKIP promises equity of misery for older people by scrapping the Pensions Protection Fund and abolishing all public sector final salary pension schemes.

"UKIP's manifesto proposals to ban the wearing of the burqa or hijab in public is a poorly veiled attack on Britain's minority ethnic communities which should be rejected without hesitation."


Ilana Rapaport
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NASUWT- The largest teachers' union

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