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  • World MRSA Day - October 2nd
    MRSA activists from around the world, are calling for world unity from governments, the healthcare industry and the community for a greater response to the MRSA epidemic-pandemic that has swept the globe at an alarming rate.

MRSA Action UK is joining with MRSA Survivors Network, the prominent advocacy group in the USA for the inaugural World MRSA Day - October 2nd 2009.

We have been particularly touched by Jeanine Thomas's determination to have this day recognised, as we share her concerns and that of many healthcare professionals that failure to recognise the scale of the problem of antibiotic resistance to super bugs such as MRSA may leave us with a legacy of disease that will be untreatable in the future. Jeanine is Spokesperson for the MRSA Survivor's Network in the USA.

The timing of the event coincides with many organisation's Infection Prevention Awareness weeks, as these are traditionally held in October to coincide with the Health and Safety events and the month in which MRSA was first identified back in 1961 by the late Professor Patricia Jevons at Colindale Laboratory in London. Read MRSA - a potted history to learn more. The whole of the month of October will be dedicated to this important event and more information will follow.

We will be promoting World MRSA Awareness Day with colleagues across the UK so that the public can identify with Infection Control events, and hold private ceremonies in their local area. If anyone wishes to organise an event and needs materials we can assist them, events will be publicised on our website and on the official website in the USA.

To keep up to date visit our website.

For events across the globe visit Jeanine Thomas at

  • Cleanyourhands Campaign, National Patient Safety Agency

Hand Hygiene should be a process of excellence that is the cornerstone of good infection prevention and control. Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Hand hygiene has to become habit forming, infection control has to be an all or nothing process; there can be no half-way house on this issue. It is our charity's belief that there will have to be a fundamental shift in all aspects of healthcare, not least in the area of infection prevention and control.

MRSA Action UK are proud to support the World Health Organization's First Global Patient Safety Challenge Clean Care is Safer Care

Year three launch

  • Patient Empowerment Campaign, National Patient Safety Agency

The National Patient Safety Agency is continuing its programme of awareness to encourage the involvement of patients in hand hygiene of healthcare workers as part of the cleanyourhands campaign.

Stage two of the campaign in NHS primary care, mental health, ambulance and care trusts

MRSA Action UK believe it must always be remembered it is the healthcare profession that is responsible for quality and safety, and that the patients' contribution may only act as an additional buffer to the mechanisms built in to reduce risk, errors should therefore never be attributable to the patient.

Patient Empowerment Campaign

  • Cleaner Hospitals Stakeholders, Department of Health

MRSA Action UK are members of the Stakeholder group that meets twice yearly.

Healthcare Associated Infection Event

  • External Reference Group for the development of the new MRSA objective

The Department of Health is developing a new goal for reductions in MRSA bacteraemia. This is set out in the NHS Operating Framework for 2009/10, following the achievement of the 50% national target reduction. As High Quality Care for All set out, once national targets are achieved they will become national minimum standards for all NHS organisations and a national standard for all patients.

The Department set up the External Reference group to develop ideas for the new MRSA objective, prior to a consultation later in the year. The first meeting of the External Reference Group discussed its draft Terms of Reference and held initial discussions around the need to define how the MRSA target enters the standards framework in a way that is applicable to all NHS organisations. The Department will draw on expertise from the NHS, Health Protection Agency, Infection Prevention and Control specialists and patient representatives. More.

  • Involving patients and public in healthcare-associated infection research

INVOLVE Promoting public involvement in public health and healthcare research.

For feedback on the latest training event and opportunities to involve us in your research proposals click here.

  • Campaign to improve the publication of information on healthcare associated infections

MRSA Action UK are working with the Department of Health and Health Protection Agency to look at the publication and reporting of MRSA and Clostridium difficile. Our recently published articles on the statistics published by the Health Protection Agency have aroused significant interest in the health community. Of specific interest to our Charity and the people who we come into contact with, whether healthcare provider or patient, is the lack of understanding surrounding the targets and claims that all is well and we are overcoming the healthcare infections that are endemic in hospitals and other care settings, click to read more...

  • Improvement Foundation Programme to Improve the Safety of Community Services - Expert Reference Group

MRSA Action UK are pleased to be on the Expert Reference Group to improve the safety of community services for patients, building on the learning from the Safer Patient Initiative in hospitals

The Improvement Foundation has been commissioned by the Health Foundation to run an improvement programme for PCTs and community service providers that will expose front-line care providers to good examples of safer service provision based on the learning from the Safer Patient Initiative in hospitals. We will not only share the 'what' can be done to improve safety for patients, but also help people with the 'how' through training on the use of quality improvement techniques, tools for service re-design, change management and the use of measurement to track progress. Most importantly, in the context of the challenges of partnership working across different organisations, we will help participants with practical strategies for addressing the cultural behaviours of different organisations.

Past campaigns

  • Joint petition for legislation to bring back the NHS Uniform policy requiring staff to change out of Uniforms at the end of the shift

Penwith Older People's Forum and MRSA Action UK approved the proposal to create a petition to reintroduce the former NHS uniform policy in April 2008. We call on the Prime Minister to introduce legislation to make it compulsory for nurses to change out of their uniforms after working their shift, before leaving the hospital. This measure should be introduced to stop the spread of infectious and life threatening illness caused by disease such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, and takes into account measures recently introduced to no longer require doctors to wear white coats.

Outcome and our response

  • Healthcare Commission, Expert Reference Group

MRSA Action UK are members of the Expert Reference Group that advises the Healthcare Commission on the content and methodology for assessing healthcare providers' arrangements for the prevention and control and healthcare associated infection. The group advises on assessing arrangements for health and social care across the patients' care pathway.

Expert Reference Group

  • Our NHS, Our future

MRSA Action UK are members of the National working group on Quality Improvement.

Terms of Reference