Have you ever wondered why Charities like ours exist, or why people give so much time to their effectiveness, it is always an interesting question especially when Charities such as ours are manned and operated by volunteers. What drives some people you wonder to dedicate so much of their time and lives to helping others who they have never met?

The one word is compassion, something that is unique to people. Whenever we know or see that others are in need of support or help, we often see the best of the human spirit. In life there is no material more resilient than the human spirit and it is of no surprise when you meet the people of our Charity.

Why does our Charity exist and what is its purpose? To answer this you have to look at the very people who make up our membership. They are people who just like you had and have normal lives. They have families and friends who they love and care about, but they have in their past seen their normal lives disrupted and devastated by something they thought would never affect them. Their life has taken a turn that they were not prepared for, either from their own experience from healthcare infections or because a family member or friend has been affected by a healthcare infection.

As a Charity we have come to realise that we cannot continue to carry on as we have over the past 40 years using antibiotics to cure all our ills. We need to think differently about their use, because to do otherwise will be to throw away the gift that Alexander Fleming gave to us all. We owe it to our children, so that they inherit a world far safer than the one passed on from our parents.

Our Charity was formed to make difference in memory of all those that have suffered from healthcare infections by campaigning for safer standards in our hospitals, and to raise public awareness, and by campaigning our Government to implement the policies that we know will make a difference to so many people.

We ask for your help in our campaign to make our hospitals safer. You can join us by becoming a member or by making a donation that will help us to continue with our goals as a Charity. Who knows who will be affected next by these infections, we never thought we would.

If you would like to join us then fill a form today, click here for a form in Microsoft Word format or here in PDF format