MRSA Action UK is a resource for both patients and healthcare providers. We hold and attend many events in order to get the message across about the importance of taking the appropriate measures to avoid contracting infections, and ultimately help the patient through their journey with as few complications and adverse events as possible. We are happy to come and talk to groups of people who may have concerns about going into hospital, providing advice on how best to prepare themselves and how they can have some influence over making it a safer experience. Healthcare providers welcome the opportunity to hear the patient perspective too. If you would like us to speak at any event you may be holding then please contact us at For more information about events we have held visit Training workshops and seminars We are available to work with teams from Primary Care Organisations, NHS Hospital Trusts and other health education providers, lending opportunities to discuss effective engagement with patients and carers. We are able to present the patient and carer perspective, discuss care bundles, multi-agency working and patient empowerment. MRSA Action UK's sessions demonstrate how communication is key in working to reduce infections and save lives, and how care plans and integrated care pathways can be used as an effective tool in communicating information that is required for patients' safety and ongoing care. Our presentations feature good practice examples and communication tools such as the Lincolnshire Care Pathways Partnership Integrated Care Pathway, and pictoral guide for patients. An example tool for patients or residents who transfer between healthcare providers to pass on important information about their infection status and can be downloaded here. To see how your organisation is performing see the weekly and monthly Health Protection Agency statistics here. For more information about how we can help please contact us at These are just some of the events coming up.
MRSA Action UK are attending Govnet's Patient Safety 2011 Conference 8th February 2011QE11 Conference Centre, London The government's recent White Paper on health aims to put patient experience and quality of care at the heart of reforms to the NHS, challenging health services to be more open with patients and accountable for their outcomes. Achieving these goals will require widespread clinical and cultural change across the health sector. Building on a highly successful launch in 2010, Patient Safety is the leading national forum for a debate and discussion of the key issues underlying the safety agenda. This pivotal conference offers timely insights into the latest developments affecting the lives of millions admitted to hospital each year. These will include: - Challenges and opportunities ahead for commissioners and health service leaders - Delivering clean, safe, quality care - Patient safety in a new regulatory regime - Management of NHS litigation - The burgeoning role of GPs - implications for patient safety Government is looking to make savings right across the NHS, but insists there must be no trade-off between safety and efficiency. MRSA Action UK will continue to put forward strategies to maintain the focus on essential issues of safety during this period of transition and will be at the conference to discuss the role of surveillance, screening and monitoring processes as recorded by the Health Protection Agency, which has contributed greatly to a significant reduction in key infection rates of MRSA bacteraemia, a 75 per cent reduction since 2003/04, when more patients were dying from what are largely avoidable infections. Clostridium difficile decreased by 57 per cent in Acute Trusts, but there remains staggeringly high numbers of people with the infection in some hospitals and considerably more outside of the hospital setting. MRSA Action UK's analysis showing trends in individual hospitals and by region can be found at The progress recorded to date in reducing both MRSA and Clostridium difficile needs to be replicated for other infections, in particular MSSA and E. Coli, whilst simultaneously delivering the planned structural and efficiency challenges ahead for the health sector. MRSA Action UK continues to campaign to raise awareness and to bring other infections into the forefront of the surveillance programme, to drive down the larger proportion of infections that do not appear in the statistics and to tackle the regional variations and other emerging threats in our hospitals and care facilities.

  • MRSA Action UK Annual Memorial Event

    Families will pay tribute and remember those lost to MRSA and healthcare associated infections at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 13th June 2013

  • MRSA Action UK: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

    Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust: Derek Butler will give the patient experience of MRSA

  • MRSA Action UK: Victims and families pay tribute to those lost to MRSA at Westminster Abbey

    The Charity MRSA Action UK will be holding a service to remember the many who have died from what are often avoidable healthcare associated infections. We know that great strides have been made in raising awareness and helping to bring in measures to reduce the numbers of people who contract infections whilst they are being treated in hospital, but we also know that there is a great deal more to do with antibiotic resistance remaining a problem that will continue to evolve. Our Charity has seen people of all ages succumb to infections and some have lost their lives, so this is our opportunity to honour their memory and let those that remain continue the campaign to keep infection prevention and control high on everyone’s agenda.

  • MRSA Action UK’s Annual General Meeting

    MRSA Action UK will hold it’s Annual General Meeting on 17th March 2012. There are opportunities for members to be involved in shaping the way the Charity lobbies for improvement in our healthcare and help to raise awareness about healthcare infections and what we can do to stay well and reduce the risks of acquiring them.