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Freelancers contribute £109 billion to the UK economy

IPSE research has found that the 1.91 million freelancers' in the UK contribute £109 billion to the economy.


There are 4.6 million self-employed people in the UK. They make up 14% of the entire workforce, and work across every sector

Within this group, freelancer numbers have increased by almost a quarter in the last five years to 1.91 million, with increases in the number of freelancers aged 60 and over, and under 30.

Nearly 1 in 7 of all freelancers - that’s 287,000 people - are working mums.

Together freelancers contribute £109 billion to the UK economy each year - that’s equivalent to fully funding all A&E services 40 times over - and make the UK economy flexible with a critical competitive edge.

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