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TrainingMark: independent recognition customer service training

Developed by the Institute of Customer Service, TrainingMark is the national standard recognising the quality of an organisation’s in-house customer service training.


Seventy percent of the UK’s workforce are in customer-facing roles, making customer service a major differentiator for organisations in every sector.

So it’s encouraging that more than half of employees believe their targets incentivise good customer service.  But 4 out of 10 also think that their organisation should build a more focused strategy for dealing with customers and improving training.

That’s why TrainingMark exists. Developed by the Institute of Customer Service, it is the national standard recognising the quality of an organisation’s in-house customer service training and its commitment to professionalism in customer service delivery.

TrainingMark is awarded for an initial period of one-year to organisations that meet accreditation requirements in three areas.

One: Training programme content must align with the Institute’s professional standards.

Two: Training programmes must have sufficiently robust mechanisms in place to assess individual customer service competence in the workplace.

And three: Training programmes must have sufficient strategic support from senior management.

Organisations striving for accreditation will be supported by the Institute and, once accredited, will be reviewed and renewed annually to ensure training programmes continue to meet industry standards, while remaining tailored to specific needs.

Employees will benefit from independent recognition of professionalism, as well as the chance to become members of the Institute.

And organisations will benefit from a more motivated, satisfied, committed workforce with improved recruitment and retention.

Organisations including Argos, BSkyB and Unilever have all achieved TrainingMark.

To find out how you can join them, visit our website.

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