Humanists UK devotes much of its time to campaigning and lobbying on behalf of everyone who considers themselves to be a humanist or holds humanist views. We work for an open society and a secular state with no religious privilege or discrimination based on religion or belief. We also campaign for a rational approach to public ethical issues in order to contribute to a public life where decisions are made on evidence rather than on the basis of irrational beliefs or religious doctrines. Visit

As a national organisation, Humanists UK presents expertly argued views to Parliament and the Government: lobbying Parliament, submitting evidence to enquiries, making submissions to Government, responding to consultations, and conducting media campaigns. We have a close working relationship with the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group.

Our campaigns include: Religion and Schools, including ‘faith’ schools; Equalities, the “Big Society” and Localism, and Public Service Reform; Equal Marriage; Ethical and Scientific Issues; and more.

The Humanists UK also works with NGOs from across the European Union and attends The European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Europe (EPPSP). The EPPSP is a forum which defends and promotes Fundamental Rights, with special focus on freedom of religion (including freedom from religion), freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. The Humanists UK was also involved in, and is an administrator for, the Alliance for a Secular Europe. The Alliance is a grouping of organisations seeking to defend progressive laws and causes against reactionary religious influence on political decision-making in Europe and, more generally, to promote secularism in European politics.

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