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BHA - The Place of Religion in Public Life 2011

A Humanist Philosophers' Day Conference

In association with British Humanist Association and South Place Ethical Society

Humanists and other secularists – including religious people who believe in a secular state – have long campaigned for an end to ‘religious privilege’ and ‘religious discrimination’; at the same time, many Muslims have claimed that there is a prevalent ‘Islamophobia’ in society; recently, representatives of some Christian churches are claiming that Christians are being ‘marginalised’ as a consequence of ‘aggressive secularism’ excluding them from public life.

The aim of this conference is to promote discussion of the place of religion in public life between people with different religious and non-religious beliefs. It will try to identify misunderstandings, areas of agreement, and any areas of intractable disagreement, as well as to define more precisely what is meant by the rival claims that religion should not be 'privatised' and that it should not be 'privileged'.

Presenters include:

Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association
Peter Cave, Chair, Humanist Philosophers
Professor Richard Norman, University of Kent
Nasreen Rehman, British Muslims for Secular Democracy
Dilwar Hussain, Policy Research Centre, Islamic Foundation
Simon Barrow, Ekklesia
Nick Spencer, Theos

The conference will close with a panel discussion on The Place of Religion in Public Life. Chair: Peter Cave

Recommended Reading: The Case for Secularism (BHA), Neither Private nor Privileged (Theos)

Tickets are £5 and can be purchased here

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