Reports and Surveys


Access to finance
In our Alt+ Finance paper, we call on the Government to champion non-bank finance and take action to help alternative finance providers supply capital to small firms, such as peer-to-peer lending models. We ask the Government to learn lessons from countries where routes to finance are varied, local longer-term and reliable.

Back to work
A groundbreaking report shows that each year small and medium sized businesses take on around 1.3 million unemployed and disadvantaged people. Large businesses hire less than 130,000 on average. The report finds groups such as long term sick, disabled and students, among others, are more likely to be employed by a small business. In fact, 95 per cent of this group that find work in the private sector will work for or start up a small or medium sized business. Almost nine in 10 (88%) unemployed people that are actively looking for work and find a job in the private sector will join, ore start up, a small business.

Revitalising our rural economy
We are calling on the Government to put 20Mbps broadband in place to 98 per cent of the countryside. We need to close the digital divide between rural and urban businesses and give countryside businesses in England better access to markets. Businesses also need to be able to move quickly and easily to their suppliers and customers, without unnecessary cost, be that through time or money. That is why we are calling for a commitment to more investment, maintenance and upgrading of UK roads.


Member survey 2012
The Member Survey looks at the views of small businesses on an array of issues including employment, growth prospects, innovation, access to finance and procurement and helps to inform policy work and what the FSB lobbies on for small firms.

‘Voice of Small Business’ Index
Every quarter, the FSB to get the views of small firms on employment intention, business prospects and confidence and access to finance. The report is produced by the centre for economic and business research. It provides a macro-economic picture of the UK economy from the point of view of the small business owner.