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ERS: No time for service trimming on elections

The Electoral Reform Society has welcomed news that Jack Straw has backed down on plans to cut costs of elections. [1]

The Society's Chief Executive Dr Ken Ritchie said:

"The Justice Secretary once admitted accountancy wasn't his strongest point. We're pleased he's reached the same conclusions on the costs of our elections."

"Jack Straw's decision gives some re-assurance that the Government is not intent on taking risks with our democracy."

"In recent months faith in politics has taken a few hard knocks. We now need to do all we reasonably can to get our democracy on its feet again - it's not a time for service trimming that could undermine the legitimacy of our elections.

"Our polling stations offer a vital and front line public service. The Government of course must seek value for money, but sometimes investment is needed to produce the dividends we need."

[1] Guardian article


For more information contact the Ashley Dé 07968791684 or Dr Ken Ritchie on 07754165551

About us:

The Electoral Reform Society is campaigning to change the way we choose our politicians. We believe that a fair voting system will improve our democracy, allow politicians to better represent you and help them to tackle the serious issues facing our society. Fairness, accountability and a real choice for voters should not be compromised.The Society advocates the use of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) http://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/article.php?id=48 in public elections.

The Society is a member of The Vote for a Change campaign - calling for a referendum on voting reform on or before the next election, with a process that ensures voters interests are centre stage. Partners include Greenpeace and the Fawcett Society. The campaign is calling for an Election Day referendum to feature in the Queen's Speech. For more see: www.voteforachange.co.uk

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