Building a better democracy

Building a better democracy

The Electoral Reform Society is an independent campaigning organisation working to champion the rights of voters and to improve UK democracy.

Why reform?

The decisions made by politicians affect all of our lives, from where the cuts to our public services fall to the stability of the job market and the cost of tuition fees. But there are currently serious problems with our democracy including:

• a disengaged and dissatisfied electorate,
• under-representation of women in parliament,
• a 100 years out-of-date unelected House of Lords.

Despite the rest of the world fighting hard for their democratic rights, in the UK less and less of us are bothering to turn out to vote at all.

We believe voters should be at the heart of British politics so the Electoral Reform Society campaigns to change 'business as usual' at Westminster and in town halls and devolved governments across the UK.

Our current campaigns

• Dumping a broken system: First Past the Post fails voters and undermines the legitimacy of our democratic institutions - it has to go. More about Dumping a broken system …

• Reforming the House of Lords: Ensuring that the reform of the Lords can deliver a modern and effective upper house. More about Reforming the House of Lords…

• Counting Women In: a coalition campaign to achieve gender equality across all levels of UK government by 2018. More about Counting Women In…

• Votes@16: a coalition campaign to lower the voting age. More about Votes@16…

What now?

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