Diabetes UK publishes a number of publications for people with diabetes, their families, friends and carers. To subscribe to our publications, please click on the links below.

Balance is a lively and entertaining full-colour lifestyle magazine, giving you all the latest news and research on diabetes. There are celebrity interviews, recipes, competitions, and regular free supplements on hot topics.

Diabetes UK publishes three separate newsletters for parents, teenagers and children aged 4-10. These are available free of charge, please click here if you would like more information.

Publications for health care professionals:

Diabetes UK also publishes a variety of literature for professionals, including:

Research Matters: A quarterly research magazine, which reports on research project news.

Diabetes Update: A quarterly magazine for professionals working in diabetes healthcare that reports on all the latest news on diabetes and Diabetes UK.

Diabetes Medicine: One of the leading clinical care diabetes journals in the world, which publishes comprehensive reviews and original articles on clinical research and practice in diabetes.

For more information please visit the Diabetes UK website