Our work in Parliament

Diabetes UK campaigns in Parliament to achieve the standards of care that people with diabetes deserve. We raise awareness of diabetes and issues which affect people with the condition through Parliamentary Questions, debates and a programme of events. We are active amongst select committees and provide the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes.

We give parliamentarians the opportunity to learn more about diabetes and its complications and provide briefings to MPs and Members of the House of Lords about diabetes upon request.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes

Statement of Purpose: The All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes (APPGD) is here to study the condition of diabetes and its clinical and legal complexities.

Diabetes UK provides the secretariat for the APPGD. However, as with all party parliamentary groups, it is independent of its secretariat.

Our commitment is to inquire into issues of current interest and importance to people with diabetes, their carers, healthcare professionals and the NHS. Meetings centre around these and we invite expert speakers to give us their opinion on relevant matters.

Attendees at these events include MPs and Peers, healthcare professionals, user representatives, people with diabetes, Primary Care Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities and representatives of voluntary organisations.

The issues we investigate are wide ranging: from access to retinal screening services, the early identification of people with Type 2 diabetes, to discrimination against people with diabetes in the workplace or at school.

Parliamentary Bulletin

Diabetes UK's regular newsletter for Parliamentarians provides an update for the charity's latest campaigns and events as well as reporting on meetings from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes. The latest nominations for the Diabetes Parliamentary Champion are also announced.

Parliamentary Bulletin - July 2008

Parliamentary Bulletin - May 2008