Get Serious e-campaign

Get Serious is a national campaign underlining the seriousness of diabetes, led by Diabetes UK. Diabetes UK is the leading charity for the three million people in the UK with diabetes.

Get Serious aims to bring together everyone who has a connection with Diabetes UK as well as supporters and members of the public new to the cause - all working towards a shared goal: to Get Serious about diabetes.

Get Serious will get people involved in helping us achieve our mission; that is - to improve the lives of people with diabetes and work towards a future without diabetes.

Sign up to Get Serious
We need to show strength in numbers - only a huge team effort can show how serious we are about putting diabetes at the top of the agenda. So we need your help - to sign up yourself, make a pledge if you can, and to get as many others as you can to sign up to the campaign.

How to sign up
To sign up, visit the Get Serious homepage:, text SERIOUS to 84383 or fill out one of our Get Serious postcards and return it in the post.

Improving supported self management for people with diabetes e-campaign

On World Diabetes Day, Diabetes UK launched a report to highlight the range of care services that people with diabetes need. Like a jigsaw puzzle, if any of the pieces are missing, their care won't be complete.

If diabetes is not well managed, it can lead to serious and life threatening complications such as heart and kidney disease, stroke, amputation and blindness. Many people with diabetes may only have contact with a healthcare professional for a total of a few hours per year, the rest of the time they care for and manage their diabetes themselves, so it is vital that they have access to the support and services to enable them to do this effectively.

We want to make sure that local NHS organisations have all of the pieces of the puzzle in place.

For more information visit the Diabetes UK website.

Junk food advertising to children

Diabetes UK believes unless action is taken to reduce the exposure of unhealthy food advertising and stem the rising level of obesity among children in the UK, cases of Type 2 diabetes in young people will continue to increase - with serious implications for both individuals and the NHS.

On 25 April the Second Reading of the Food Products (Marketing to Children) Bill took place and Diabetes UK urged you to take part in our e-campaign to ask your MP to vote in favour of the measures it contains.


Obesity in children aged two to 15 has doubled in ten years, according to the Health Survey for England.

There are 1,400 known cases of Type 2 diabetes in children, all of them directly attributable to poor diet and lack of physical exercise.

The Bill proposed the introduction of a 9pm watershed for television advertising of unhealthy food and protection for children from other forms of marketing for these products.

For more information visit the Diabetes UK website.