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Countryside Alliance welcomes Chris Packham’s stance on deer management

Shooting Campaign manager: “Packham’s common sense approach chimes with our own view that shooting and wildlife management go hand in hand.”

Wildlife expert and BBC Autumnwatch presenter Chris Packham has this week spoken to Radio Times magazine in favour of deer management, and the Countryside Alliance applauds his common-sense view.

Mr Packham has told Radio Times: “The deer population in the UK, many would argue is way too great. We have to cull deer because there are no natural predators. We have to cull deer in this country, we have to cull elephants in Africa. We have to play a pro-active role and that means killing things. People come to shoot near where I live and they ask me where the deer are and I tell them ‘the deer are over there, go and blast!’ Because, frankly, I’m able to see the benefits of maintaining that population.”

David Taylor, Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance said:

“It is refreshing to hear the argument for deer management put so succinctly and we applaud Mr Packham’s stance. Making the case that good conservation means, as he says, “killing things” is one that must be put again and again. Deer management in this country is essential not only for the wellbeing of our deer population, but also for the health of the countryside.”


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