The Construction Products Association acts as a single, influential voice for the manufacturers and suppliers of construction products.

The Association's aim is to build a growing, profitable and sustainable future for the construction products industry. In order to achieve these aims, the Association is focusing its activities in four specific areas:

1. Investing in the built environment
2. Creating a supportive business environment
3. Improving industry performance
4. Delivering sustainable construction

The construction products industry is at the heart of the UK economy, providing essential materials for our homes, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, roads and railways.

Every year the industry:

- has an output of £50 billion
- exports 10% of output

Accounts for:

- 44% of total construction output
- 4.5% of the GDP
- 15% of the UK's manufacturing output

And employs:

- over 500,000 people in almost 25,000 companies