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CPA: Strategic forum for construction agrees framework for delivering industry improvements.

The Strategic Forum for Construction has agreed a framework for delivering major improvements across six key industry areas. Taking a lead from its work in developing the 2012 Construction Commitments, the Forum will be focusing its attention on issues concerning:

  • Client Leadership
  • Procurement and Integration
  • Design Quality
  • Commitment to People
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Health and Safety

Following the meeting, the current Chairman of the Forum, Mike Davies, said;

'The Forum has made significant progress over the last 18 months in implementing the agenda left to us by the reports on the industry by Sir John Egan. The most developed area is the Olympics-based 2012 Construction Commitments, and we now aim to make these commitments the priority of all construction projects.

'In a number of these areas, the targets set for the industry in the Accelerating Change report are to be achieved by the end of this year, and in early 2008 we will report on the progress that has been made and set new targets in these and other areas in order to maintain the momentum towards making the whole of our industry truly world class. In many of these areas new targets are already being developed through the HSE, ConstructionSkills, and the draft Sustainable Construction Strategy being developed jointly by Government and industry. We want to adopt these as an important part of our work, and together with key partners outside the Forum make sure that the industry is collectively working to meet the targets that have been set.'

The Forum also received an update on important work on Health and Safety issues. Following the Crane Summit in August, the industry has agreed a plan of action to address the problems that has led to the recent spate of accidents involving tower cranes. The Forum's Health and Safety Group will be meeting twice a year to ensure that the actions agreed are followed through.

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Similarly, and following the meeting earlier this month chaired by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Peter Hain, the Forum has accepted the responsibility to develop an Action Plan to address the growing number of accidents in the housing sector. The aim is to report back to the Secretary of State by the end of the year.

1. The Forum's Vision is for the UK construction industry to realize maximum value for all clients, end users and stakeholders and exceed their expectations through the consistent delivery of world-class products.

2. The SFfC does not act as an operational body. Its strategy is being implemented via the Construction Umbrella Bodies, ConstructionSkills, and other implementation bodies, together with the wider industry stakeholders where appropriate.

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