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CIA: There is "no definitive evidence" of chemical pregnancy risks

Commenting on the advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that pregnant women may want to "play it safe" and avoid chemicals found in many common household products, Dr Jo (Joanne) Lloyd, Director of Chemicals Policy from the UK Chemical Industries Association said the following: 

“The report is clearly edging on the side of precaution and people should not be unnecessarily alarmed." 

"There is no definitive evidence that the chemicals mentioned are associated with clear risks. Regulatory legislation in the EU is designed to ensure that chemicals sold in the EU are safe for their intended use." 

"To ensure consumers remain safe, labelling giving clear advice on safe chemical use is provided including precautions for pregnant users when necessary and it is imperative that consumers read the label before using any product. If concerned, people should contact their GP for advice.”

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