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Automated Vehicle Consultation Submission

Yesterday (18/02/2018), CIHT submitted its response to the Law Commission's review of the regulatory framework for the safe deployment of automated vehicles in the UK. This project aims to make the UK's legal system fit for the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles.

You can read the full response at this link.

The response emphasises the need for automated vehicles to work safely with the current network, the need for transparent safety data, and the potential impact on highways authorities. A successful introduction of automated vehicles will require supporting local authorities and automated fleet operators to work together to benefit all road users.

CIHT also argued that the needs of highways engineers and other transport professionals, should be considered as new technologies change the nature of how they operate. While the safety of road users is a major concern we must ensure that those who build and maintain our roads are sufficiently protected as well.

These new technologies may change the way vehicles interact with highways through collecting and sharing data. We need to ensure that the proper legal framework is available to provide the best experience to all users of the network.

For further information please contact technical@ciht.org.uk

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