• BASC launches evidence-gathering survey to help inform the future of general licences in Scotland

    Greater emphasis must be placed on the social gains from proposed transport schemes, a new report published today from the Centre for London think tank suggests.

  • Climate drive takes hold in UK cities

    Tackling climate change has risen rapidly to the top of agendas in urban centres and city regions over the last year, signalling that the ‘Greta effect’ is taking hold at a local political level, according to a new study.

  • Election manifestos target transport

    Labour has pledged to review all tolled highway crossings and will strive to eliminate road deaths if it comes to power; while the Conservatives have promised £500M a year to fill potholes and introduce a new cycling infrastructure fund.

  • CIHT Supports Road Safety Week 2019

    CIHT are pleased to be a supporter of Road Safety Week and the Step Up for Safe Streets Campaign.

  • Councils urged to better recognise sustainable travel

    Local authority planning committees need to overcome their ‘unconscious bias’ towards meeting the needs of motorists, an event heard on Monday.

  • Multi modal approach set out for Heathrow southern access

    Light rail, bus rapid transit, guided busways and autonomous vehicles will all be considered alongside traditional heavy rail to improve access to an expanded Heathrow Airport from the south, the Government has said.

  • Glasgow showcases autonomous vehicles

    Europe’s first full sized self driving bus is set to be demonstrated in Glasgow today ahead of a trial of autonomous public transport vehicles over the Forth Road Bridge next year.

  • High pollution days linked to medical emergencies

    Increased rates of people suffering from cardiac arrests, strokes or severe asthma attacks are seen on poor air quality days in the UK’s major cities, according to new data collected by King’s College London.

  • Consultation launched on introducing green number plates

    Electric vehicles may become even greener, the government has announced today (22 October 2019) with the launch of a consultation on introducing green number plates for zero emission cars.

  • Has the time come for road charging?

    National road pricing is still 10 years away and unless work starts soon, such a scheme will always be 10 years away remarked the Transport Secretary to his party conference.

  • CIHT gives evidence to Scottish roads inquiry

    Evidence on Scotland’s approach to road maintenance and the adequacy of current expenditure levels is being presented today by CIHT’s Vice President Neil Johnstone, who appeared before a parliamentary committee this morning.

  • Roads boss defends smart motorway safety

    Highways England’s chief executive says he is “struggling to understand” much of the negative press around all lane running smart motorways, and claims there is “no correlation” between the spacing of emergency refuge areas and the number of vehicles breaking down in live lanes.

  • MPs call for urgent ban on pavement parking

    An outright ban on pavement parking should be implemented to help ensure those with visual and mobility impairments can navigate footways without obstruction, says the Transport Select Committee in a new report.

  • High Speed 2 review announced by Government

    Delivery of High Speed 2 has been thrown into doubt following an announcement this morning that Government has commissioned an independent review into whether the scheme should proceed.

  • Call for crackdown on phone use at the wheel

    Options to ban the use of hands free mobile phones while driving should be set out by the Government before the end of the year, the Transport Select Committee has urged in a new report.

  • Road casualty figures stall for another year in Great Britain

    Road casualty figures in Great Britain released yesterday show, for another year, road deaths have stayed at a similar level to the level seen since 2012 according to figures published yesterday.

  • Call for Local Roads maintenance to have long term funding

    The Transport Select Committee (TSC) has today released their latest report 'Local roads funding and maintenance: filling the gap', that addresses the extreme state of disrepair of the English local road network.

  • TP Blog: Driverless systems test benefits asset management

    Thousands of hours of driving data captured around the streets of Greenwich are being analysed to identify sharp braking events and so called ‘cut-in situations’ from other motorists, to assist in the development of autonomous vehicle systems.

  • Public invited to shape the cleaner air agenda

    Six Parliamentary select committees including transport are inviting members of the public to take part in a Citizens’ Assembly to set out strategies to combat climate change and ways the country may achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

  • TP Blog: sky high thinking

    Spectacular views over central London greeted visitors to Atkins’ new European headquarters in Victoria last Thursday, which hosted a showcase of the latest transport technologies – including drones – that are making their way into the sector, writes TP editor Mike Walter.

  • TP Blog: Turning stations green

    But at Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter interchange efforts are being made to spruce up passengers’ surroundings by introducing vegetable planters to the platforms, artwork installations and space for local people to meet, writes TP Editor Mike Walter.

  • Edinburgh sets out city transformation plans

    Proposals for better active travel provision, a low emission zone and possible further tram routes in Scotland’s capital are due to go before the City of Edinburgh Council’s Transport & Environment Committee tomorrow.

  • Off peak delays caused by pinch point projects

    Junction improvement schemes to have eased congestion at peak times have also led to journey time increases outside of the busiest periods, according to a Highways England study.

  • Concern that London’s ULEZ does not go far enough

    The ULEZ requires drivers of vehicles that do not meet strict emissions standards to pay to enter central London. Replacing the former Toxicity Charge, the zone will be in force all day, every day and operate in addition to the existing Congestion Charge.

  • Automated Vehicle Consultation Submission

    Yesterday (18/02/2018), CIHT submitted its response to the Law Commission's review of the regulatory framework for the safe deployment of automated vehicles in the UK. This project aims to make the UK's legal system fit for the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles.

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