Industry Publications

The BSA produce a wide range of industry related publications which are available to the general public. Below are the latest BSA industry publications.

Reforming the home buying and selling process - 10/06/2010
Industry and professionals' views on the future direction of home buying reform in England
Representatives from the legal and conveyancing professions, estate agents, surveyors and consumer bodies explore how the home buying process can be improved for consumers.

Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook - industry guidance - 10/06/2010
Guidance to help building societies and banks to comply with the FSA's Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook requirements

Mortgage Matters - 17/05/2010
A quarterly bulletin providing the latest news from the BSA on mortgage matters.

BSA Chief Executive Opinion Survey - 06/05/2010
This report is based on a survey of chief executives of BSA members conducted in March 2010.

Customer service at mutuals is better than at banks - 30/04/2010
Independent research has again found that customers of mutually-owned financial service providers are more satisfied than customers of other providers such as banks.

BSA Annual Report 2009 - 29/03/2010
The Annual Report 2009 reflects on the environment that building societies are currently operating in and covers policy issues, external relations and other issues. A directory section provides details of the Council, Secretariat, members and associates of the Association.

Mutuals Manifesto 2010 - 11/03/2010
This publication is a challenge to the UK's political parties to show how they plan to support and nurture the mutual sector and is being used in conversations with the main parties in the run up to the general election.

UK Housing Review 2009/10 - 19/12/2009
Statistics and commentary on the UK housing market

BSA Yearbook 2009-10 - 10/11/2009
The official handbook of the BSA and the definitive reference book for anyone wanting to research the sector.

Understanding Mortgage Arrears - 14/09/2009
The BSA's research into mortgage arrears.

BSA CEO Opinion Survey - 21/05/2009
A report summarising the results of a survey of building society chief executives published at the BSA Annual Conference on 21 May 2009.

BSA Annual Report 2008 - 30/04/2009
The Annual Report covers policy issues, external relations and other matters, and includes a useful directory section.

2020 Vision - The Mortgage of the Future - 27/04/2009
The BSA has published research looking at what the mortgage market will look like in 2020.

Can't Pay Your Mortgage Leaflet? - 01/04/2009
A leaflet providing mortgage borrowers with advice on what to do if they are unable to pay their mortgage and how building societies will help them.

Building societies at the heart of their communities - 23/02/2009
Based on a survey of societies conducted earlier this year, the BSA has written a report entitled Building societies at the heart of their communities which explores societies' charitable activities within their local communities.

Building societies: providing a better customer service - 16/02/2009
This publication reviews the 2008 research commissioned by the BSA on levels of service experienced by customers at their bank or building society.