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BUAV: MPs call for government to maintain and enforce higher standards when implementing new UK animal testing legislation

An Early Day Motion (EDM 2244) tabled by Adrian Sanders – MP for Torbay – is supporting the BUAV's call to the UK Government to maintain and enforce higher standards when it implements new UK animal testing legislation. The EDM has already received cross-party support.

It is a critical time for animals in UK laboratories as the legislation governing the use of animals in research is undergoing the first major review since it came into force in 1986. Following the adoption of EU Directive 2010/63/EU, the UK has until 2013 to implement new regulations into its legislation.

In some cases, current UK rules are stronger than the EU Directive, and the BUAV has urged the UK to stand firm in these cases, notably in maintaining or improving the current inspection of laboratories which is at risk of being cut by 90%, as well as preventing the introduction of more painful experiments and the ending of stricter rules regarding the use of cats, dogs and horses.

In other cases, the EU Directive offers tighter regulations or allows a range of interpretations, and the BUAV submission calls for the proper use of the cost:benefit test as well as the full use of alternatives, so that the Directive can be used to progress to the real reduction in animal experiments that the Government has said it wants to achieve.

Chief Executive of the BUAV, Michelle Thew said: “We welcome the Early Day Motion tabled by Adrian Sanders supporting the BUAV’s call to tighten animal testing legislation at this critical time for animals in laboratories. We urge all MPs to support this important motion and ask people to contact their MP to sign EDM 2244 on the transposition of the EU Directive.”


'That this House notes the forthcoming transposition of the European Directive on the protection of animals used in scientific procedures; is concerned that transposition of the Directive could lead to a lowering of UK standards, for example, reducing the frequency of inspections and lifting restrictions on the use of cats, dogs and horses; welcomes the Government consultation's acceptance that the new Directive necessitates greater transparency; and calls on the Government to maintain and enforce higher UK standards wherever they exceed the minimum requirements in the Directive.'

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BUAV is a widely respected international authority on animal testing issues and is frequently called upon by governments, media, corporations and official bodies for its advice and expert opinion. BUAV has been campaigning for over 100 years for a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

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