The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) was founded in 1898 and is the world's leading anti-vivisection campaigning organisation. The BUAV's vision is to create a world in which no one wants or believes we need to experiment on animals and it is dedicated to using peaceful and responsible campaign techniques to end animal experiments, both nationally and internationally.

If you're interested in animal experimentation issues, the BUAV is the ideal place to come for your research needs. The BUAV provides a range of invaluable resources and places a high emphasis on producing professional, accurate and reliable information.

About BUAV

Our work with parliamentarians, our corporate relationships, hard-hitting undercover investigations, political lobbying and legal and scientific expertise means that the BUAV is at the forefront of the campaign to consign vivisection to the history books.

Through high profile media activities and quality educational and information materials, the BUAV spreads its campaign message to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. In tandem with this public campaigning, the BUAV employs national and international legal challenges, UK, EU and global lobbying and accurate and comprehensive scientific reports to set the agenda in the vivisection debate.

As Chair of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments ‘(ECEAE)’, the BUAV is at the centre of anti-vivisection campaigning across Europe, liaising with key international groups and ensuring that laboratory animals are high on the European political agenda.

Currently our campaigning work covers issues such as animal testing for cosmetics and household products, the use of primates in toxicology and responding to animal testing proposals under the EU chemicals testing regime REACH.

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