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Cheaper and more sustainable business travel

Cheaper and more sustainable business travel

A simple 3-step approach to get to grips with grey fleet.


Grey fleets are vehicles owned by employees but used on behalf of their employer.
It is a very popular form of business travel that also has a serious impact on society. Grey fleet vehicles emit over 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 each year and are responsible for a significant portion of the £2.7bn costs associated with work-related road accidents. 
In most cases, there is a cheaper, more sustainable and safer alternative. 
By following a simple 3-step approach you can make an immediate start in Getting to Grips with Grey Fleet.
1)Measuring your mileage will give you a good grasp of where your costs and emissions are coming from. A typical online mileage management system will produce cost and mileage savings of at least 15%.
2)Set  a clear travel policy – Any journeys that average more than 55 miles per day are  cheaper by hire car while anyone driving more than 10,000 miles a year will find car leasing a more cost-effective option. The average rental or leasing car is far cleaner and safer than its grey fleet counterpart, so set company travel policies accordingly.
3)Promote other modes – Make sure staff are aware of public transport alternatives and encourage them to use a telephone or video conference. Some of the biggest savings have been achieved by organisations that have introduced corporate car clubs where vehicles can be reserved online and shared via smart phone app.

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