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Brighter, cleaner, safer car parks

Brighter, cleaner, safer car parks

Park Mark awarded car parks are checked annually, certified, and proven to be safer for people and vehicles.


Right now 1 in 3 drivers in the UK are in a city centre looking for a parking space.

It will take them 10-15 minutes to find one, but how do you find the perfect parking spot?

Research shows that location and personal safety are top priorities for drivers so why not look for Park Mark awarded car parks, which are proven to be safer for people and vehicles.

You can find Park Mark in town centres, retail parks, railway stations, airports, hospitals, leisure centres, universities and visitor attractions.

Around 5,000 - that’s a quarter - of the UK’s car parks have been awarded Park Mark, which means they are checked annually and certified by a specially trained police assessor.

So before you travel, search online at Parkmark.co.uk for brighter, cleaner, safer car parks

Remember: Before you park, look for Park Mark.

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