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BMF: Westminster parking fees protest gains momentum

The British Motorcyclists Federation is calling on its 80,000 members to oppose the imposition of motorcycle parking charges in Westminster by taking to the streets of London on the evening of 7th December in support of the No To Bike Parking Fees (NTBPF) campaign.

Part of a series of increasingly large demonstrations, December's protest focuses on the part played by Partnerships in Parking (PIP), a consortium initially funded by the government's Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG), that has introduced the socially-exclusive pay-by-phone parking system to the exclusion of all other methods of payment.

A two-part process, members are asked to spare time on the Monday morning to attend a Westminster Council led meeting of Partnerships in Parking at Westminster City Hall and secondly take part in that evening's protest ride to the DCLG headquarters in Bressenden Place, SW1 where a paper will be presented at the DCLG offices pointing out irregularities in the way charges have been implemented.

The bmf say that PIP was funded with UK taxpayer's money but has become an easy way for local authorities to side-step proper procurement procedures simply by joining the PIP consortium.

While maintaining its fundamental objection to the parking charges introduced for PTWs (Powered Two Wheelers) by Westminster City Council, the bmf say that the PIP factor has just added to the unfairness of a scheme that already runs contrary to the Government's stated aim to 'mainstream' motorcycling.

In backing the 'No To Bike Parking Fees' (NTBPF) demonstration (notobikeparkingfees.com), the bmf point out that motorcycles and scooters provide the ideal solution for commuters seeking a genuine door-to-door solution. For low paid key workers where public transport does not serve their needs and cycling is not a practical option, PTWs provide the only realistic alternative for those seeking personal mobility say the bmf.


While the daily charge of £1.00 may appear low, PTWs with their efficient use of space do not cause congestion, are able to filter through traffic congestion and when parked only take one eighth of a car parking space. They are also environmentally friendly, comply with current European emission limits and, coupled with their ability to avoid dense traffic, pollute far less than slow moving four-wheeled traffic.


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