Founded in 1908, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), formerly the Wildfowlers' Association of Great Britain and Ireland (WAGBI), is the largest fieldsports organisation in the UK. It campaigns to protect and promote country shooting and conservation.

Country shooting includes live quarry shooting of game, wildfowl and the management of pest species.

Today it has 148,000 members and employs over 100 full-time staff across the UK.

BASC’s headquarters is in Rossett, near Chester and throughout the UK support, help and guidance is provided by full-time regional directors centred on four English regions - the North, Central, South East and South West. There is also the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offices. A Council is elected by the Association's members and are responsible for the strategy and management of BASC.

BASC's aims

  • To build all-party support for shooting sports.
  • To secure balanced coverage in the media.
  • To ensure our members have the opportunity and the means to go shooting.
  • To promote high standards of conduct in the field and publish a number of codes of practice covering many aspects of firearms safety and use, the conduct of shooting sports, pest control and animal welfare.
  • BASC members are expected to obey the law and to observe codes of practice.

More details on all of the above can be found on the BASC website at BASC.org.uk