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BASC Scotland slams Sheridan's plan to ban airguns

BASC Scotland has slammed Tommy Sheridan MSP's proposed bill to ban private ownership of airguns in Scotland.

James Scott, Press & Policy Officer for BASC Scotland said; "Mr Sheridan's proposals may have gained some public support, but they will do nothing to reduce airgun crime in Scotland. The proposals are, in fact, nothing more than election propaganda from Mr Sheridan."

BASC Scotland's comments come as Mr Sheridan announces the results of a public consultation on his proposals. This announcement is viewed by BASC Scotland as simply another part of Mr Sheridan's election campaign rather than being aimed at doing real good for Scottish communities.

James Scott said; "The proposal was outside of the time limit for laying such documents before the Scottish Parliament in an election year. Such grandstanding is particularly unhelpful when the Scottish Executive has chosen to listen to the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) who will be monitoring new legislation which comes into force in October that will further restrict airguns."

ACPOS has stated that the new legislation is "tough" and agrees with BASC Scotland that education and enforcement of existing legislation will be more effective in combating crime than introducing more legislation.

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