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BASC condemns latest Larysa Switlyk picture

Following publication of an online Daily Mail article which features a new picture of Ms Switlyk kneeling over the body of a dead sheep, BASC has said the behaviour portrayed stands to damage shooting’s reputation.

Garry Doolan, BASC’s deputy director of communications and public affairs, said: “As the UK’s largest shooting organisation, we are appalled by what is portrayed in this latest picture. If that is the manner in which she wishes to portray shooting, then Larysa Switlyk is not welcome on these shores again.

“The behavior detailed in the Daily Mail article stands to damage the sport she says she is trying to promote and will be rightly condemned by the UK shooting community.

“The antics portrayed in this picture are utterly at odds with the values and standards of a UK shooting community which is driven by strong ethics and respect for quarry.”

BASC had previously warned about the dangers of posting pictures on social media which appeared to glory in the death of animals: https://basc.org.uk/blog/offbeat/what-we-can-learn-from-the-larysa-switlyk-social-media-storm/ 


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