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BASC calls for meeting to discuss broadcast ad ban on shooting

BASC has asked for a meeting with the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) to discuss the lifting of the ban on advertising shooting related activities and businesses on television and radio.

BCAP is reviewing its Broadcast Advertising Standards Code which currently prevents shooting being advertised outside newspapers, magazines and the internet.

BASC director of firearms, Bill Harriman, said: "There is no evidence to link lawfully owned, licensed firearms with armed crime. Anyone wishing to advertise firearms or shooting services will offer those services only to those who are lawfully entitled to possess firearms, as is the case with advertisements in specialist magazines or on the web. Politicians across the political divide need to recognise that shooting sports are a legitimate activity. It's time that this draconian restriction was scrapped."

BASC has submitted a response to the Broadcasting Advertising Standards Code review, pointing out a number of legal errors in its consultation document, and calling for shooting sports to be allowed access to both TV and radio advertising.


For more information please contact the BASC press office on 01244 573031. BASC submission can be viewed on its website - www.basc.org.uk/en/media/key_issues.cfm

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