Why join?

The BFAWU offers a range of benefits to its members. 


The union is committed to the training of its members and officials, including the promotion of the Union Learning Fund, a nationwide project to improve key skills within the food industry. 

The project's aims include establishing basic literacy and numeracy skills, as well as frontline advice and guidance, working alongside management, to improve them. 

Health and safety

The BFAWU has fought fiercely for health and safety rights since the days of cellar baking. The union has campaigned for the recognition of bakers' asthma as an industrial illness, and the legislative recognition of Safety Representatives.

They are currently working to establish a Partners in Prevention culture with Safety Representatives and employers, to find mutual solutions to health and safety problems. 

Legal services

Through a recognised network of  law firms, the BFAWU has negotiated a package of legal benefits for its members, and for their families. Accident at work cover, contractual disputes, unfair dismissal, and a free wills service are all benefits the union offers. 

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